Fully Automatic Dona Machine-single die

Fully Automatic Dona Machine-single die

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HRIRAM Engineering is leading manufactures exporter and supplier of pruning quality paper cup/paper plate/paper dona/paper Thali machinery in India.we are the well known prominent company of India by involving over selves in inventing new technologies and deliver the most comfort and convenient ultra modern designed industrial machines for manufacturing Disposable paper cup/paper plate/paper dona /paper Thali making machinery globally.



Model No: HR-104

Fully Auto Dona Machine- Single Die

  •  Dona Die Size: 4" to 8"
  • Paper Material: 80 GSM to 180 GSM
  • Production Rate: 1200 to 1500 Pcs/Hr.(Depending on Size & GSM)
  • Power Source: 220v - 50Hz
  • Electric Motor: 0.5 hp - 1440rpm(Single phase/Three Phase)
  • weight of Machine : 250 kg
  • Power Consumption with Heater : 1 Unit/Hr.

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